How To Access Archived Gmail?

How do I retrieve archived emails?

The Android version of the Gmail app gives you two options for finding and viewing archived Gmail emails….Option 2:Tap the hamburger menu in the top left corner.Select the All Mail label.Go through all email messages with the All Mail label and look for archived emails.

How do I find the archive folder in Gmail?

Open the folder structure by tapping the three-line menu icon. Now you’ll see all Gmail folders and labels such as “Inbox,” “Spam,” “Trash” and “All Mail.” Step 2: Tap “All Mail.” By tapping “All Mail,” you can view all archived messages.Aug 28, 2020

Why can’t I see my archive folder in Gmail?

In Gmail, there is no folder called Archive. Instead, you can find archived emails under All Mail. Step 3: You should be able to see all your emails. Clicking All Mail will show you both archived emails and the ones in your inbox.Jul 31, 2020