How To Em Dash?

Use built-in keyboard shortcuts. In Microsoft Word: Em dash (—): Alt+Ctrl+ – (minus) En dash (–): Ctrl + – (minus)Jun 30, 2021

How do you type a long em dash?

For an em-dash, hold down the Alt key and type 0151, then release the Alt key. That’s it! For an en-dash, hold down the Alt key and type 0150, then release the Alt key.Nov 13, 2019

How do you press em dash on keyboard?

Make an em dash or en dash with a keyboard shortcut less simple: you need to use an alt code to get an em dash. If you have a numeric keyboard, hold down the Alt key and type 0151 for an em dash or 0150 for an en dash.Oct 12, 2020

How do I type an em dash on a laptop without a numpad?

On a keyboard with no numeric keypad, use a Fn (Function) key combination to type the numbers. (The Fn key is usually to the right of the left-hand Ctrl key on the keyboard.) For example, on a US keyboard layout, the combination for an en dash should be Alt+Fn+mjim and for an em dash it should be Alt+Fn+mjij.Jul 15, 2018

How do I type an em dash in Windows?

How to type an em dash on WindowsHold the Alt key. … Now type 0151 on the num pad. … A clunkier method, but one that works with any keyboard, is to use the Windows 10 emoji keyboard. … Click the right-most tab with the omega (Ω) symbol on it. … Scroll down until you find the em dash symbol (—).Aug 24, 2021

Where is the em dash on a keyboard?

3. 1. Inserting an em-dash in WordFor Mac: press “option+shift+hyphen key”. … For desktop PC: press “alt+ctrl+minus” on the numeric keypad (the number section on the far right of your keyboard).More items…

How do you make an em dash and en dash in Word?

2. Inserting an em or en dash using Ctrl and keyboard shortcuts. To insert an em dash, click where you want to insert the em dash and then press Ctrl + Alt + – (minus sign on the numeric keypad). To insert an en dash, click where you want to insert the en dash and then press Ctrl + – (minus sign on the numeric keypad).

How do I make an em dash in Google Docs?

While in a Google Doc on Chrome, on any laptop or desktop computer, go to Insert | Special Characters and type Em Dash in the search box. The first search result shown in the grid of characters will be the em dash; select it to insert it. You can also search, select, and insert an em dash (Figure A).Mar 18, 2019

How do I insert an em dash in Gmail?

After the Compose key is enabled, you can create an em dash by typing the Compose key followed by three hyphens. Alternatively, press Control+Shift+u , then let go of those keys, then type 2014 , and then press Return .Apr 23, 2021