What Could Be Saved?

What Could Be Saved explained?

Alternating between past and present as all of the secrets are revealed, What Could Be Saved is an unforgettable novel about a family shattered by loss and betrayal, and the beauty and hope that can exist even in the midst of brokenness. Are you a fan of historical fiction?Jan 19, 2021

What Could Be Saved Philip?

What Could Be Saved is an engaging dual timeline story. In 2019 artist Laura Preston is contacted by a man claiming to be her brother, Philip, who was kidnapped in 1972 when Laura’s family lived in Bangkok, Thailand. Her sister, Bea, thinks it is a scam. Her mother, Genevieve, has dementia and is of no help.Jan 3, 2021

What Could Be Saved Kirkus?

When a missing son and brother is found after more than 40 years, a family must confront the secrets that shaped their lives for decades. In 1972, Robert and Genevieve Preston are living in Bangkok with their three young children and are eager to move back to the U.S. after four years away.

What Could Be Saved author?

About the Author Liese O’Halloran Schwarz, a former emergency medicine doctor, published her first novel Near Canaan while still in medical school. She is also the author of the acclaimed novel The Possible World and the forthcoming What Could Be Saved.

What Could Be Saved New York Times?

Alternating between past and present as all of the secrets are revealed, What Could Be Saved is an enthralling, unforgettable novel about a family shattered by loss and betrayal, the possibility of redemption, and the beauty that can exist even in the midst of brokenness.

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The most read book in the World is Bible. This holy book so far has outsold any other in the world. During the last 50 years, a whopping 3.9 billion copies has been sold.

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2021 was a pretty good year for author Dav Pilkey. Not only is his children’s book Dog Man: Mothering Heights USA TODAY’s bestselling book of the year, but he also followed up the achievement with four more of his books landing in the Top 100 for 2021, more than any other author.Dec 30, 2021

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Even after nearly 2,000 years of its existence, and centuries of investigation by biblical scholars, we still don’t know with certainty who wrote its various texts, when they were written or under what circumstances.Mar 23, 2021

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Muslims regard the Quran as the most important miracle of Muhammad, a proof of his prophethood, and the culmination of a series of divine messages that started with the messages revealed to Adam and ended with Muhammad.

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Which countries read the most?India, 10:42. With its citizens reading 10 hours and 42 minutes per week on average, India tops our list. … Thailand, 9:24. Thailand is second on our list, with a time of 9 hours and 24 minutes on average per week. … China, 8:00. China ranks third with eight hours on average.